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House Washing Service Southeastern GA

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Playground Soft Cleaning Service for Southeastern Georgia

Almost half of all playground equipment is contaminated with potentially illness-inducing bacteria. While swinging on monkey bars, coasting down slides, and enjoying other recreational equipment, children are exposed to the urine, blood, saliva, sweat, and mucus of others who've used the equipment before them. These facts make playground equipment twice as big of a biohazard as public restrooms. Whether at an educational institution, park, or indoor play areas, parents and guardians should take precautions to protect children from contracting and transferring the germs and bacteria present on playground equipment. Fortunately, there are a number of simple hygiene practices that can safeguard a child's health, whether at school or in public.

Without consistent, proper cleaning and sanitation, playground equipment can be a breeding ground for a host of bacteria and germs that cause mild to serious health issues. Norovirus, E. coli, salmonella, and hepatitis A are just a few of the common bacterium and illnesses that can be found in children's playgrounds. In addition, already sick children can present even more of a health threat to your child. Infection can occur with a simple, accidental bump into a contagious playmate or the light touch of a contaminated surface.

Affordable Pressure Washing uses only eco-friendly cleaning solutions that eradicate this bacteria, helping to keep our kids safe. We are happy to set up maintenance contracts that provide on-going protection for your schools, parks and other community areas.

Playground Cleaning GA

Why Hire a Professional Power Washing Company?

The exterior surfaces on a playground needs to be cleaned by professionals. Damaging water pressure from pressure washers and inexperience can cause unwanted expensive costs when done incorrectly. Affordable Pressure Washing uses commercial grade equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products that will not damage your exterior surfaces, like strip paint, chipping bricks, damaging concrete or patio pavers. We also bring an affordable option to save you money and keep your playground looking great for years to come.

Professional Low Pressure Washing & Soft Cleaning Services

Affordable Pressure Washing offers a full line of professional residential and commercial pressure washing and soft washing services across Southeastern Georgia including the Counties of Glynn, Brantley, Camden, Chatham, Liberty, McIntosh, and Wayne. Our low pressure soft washing helps protect your home and business from damaging mold, algae, dirt, debris, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants. Having your home’s or business’s exterior cleaned by Affordable Pressure Washing will not only make it look new again, but add curb appeal and even value also.

Our pressure washing and soft washing exterior cleaning services include exterior house cleaning, roof washing service, concrete cleaning, brick & stone cleaning, deck cleaning, fence cleaning, commercial cleaning, exterior window cleaning, gutter cleaning, playground cleaning, and graffiti removal.


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